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Buy-to-let Landlords

We understand the importance of continued rental income to a buy-to-let investment and the impact that lost or withheld rent can have. We provide a fast, efficient and professional service to minimise impact on income from void properties We are also aware that tenants while necessary can have a negative effect on your property. Destructive Tenants can have a devastating effect on your property and can create significant problems through misuse or abuse of the property. This may be deliberate such as wilful physical damage or incidental like condensation and mould resulting from lifestyle choices and lack of knowledge. The services that we offer include the following:

We use specialist equipment to assess moisture levels within residential properties and identify causes of dampness issues.  These often result from a mixture of defects, maintenance problems and how the dwelling is used.  We provide reports with findings and recommended actions to deal with the problems found during our survey; and we inform tenants how changes to the way the property is used can have positive benefits to them.

We can inspect properties when they become vacant and identify repairs required ahead of the new Tenant moving in.  We can reinspect the property to check and sign-off the completed works if required.
Problems resulting from premature failure of finishes or components, poor maintenance or general decay are investigated and causes identified.  This allows repairs to be specified to fix the problem(s).
Clear scopes of works ensure contractors are all pricing the same work.  Letting the contractors propose different repair solutions gives you no way of knowing whether each cost represents value for money.
We obtain prices for specified repairs and construction works ensuring competition and value for money.
We can monitor repair works to ensure that they are completed to an acceptable standard.  We work with contractors and tenants to promote clear communication and deal with any technical issues that arise.  We stay in touch with our Client throughout the process.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements and how we can assist you with any of the above or related services.  There is no charge for initial advice.