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Commercial Landlords

Our in depth knowledge of maintenance, facilities management and repairs means we can assist you in your dealings with Tenants in respect of property condition, repairs and reinstatement required under the Lease terms.

We can also assist you with common area repairs and maintenance where applicable under Internal Repairing Lease terms.

We do not undertake Energy Performance Certificate EPC assessments, Asbestos surveys, Valuations or Rent reviews although we are happy to recommend other firms that can provide these services.

We can prepare the following technical documentation relating to outstanding maintenance, repairing and reinstatement obligations:

  • Schedules of Dilapidation & Wants of Repair
  • Costed Schedules
  • Descriptions of works and tender/quotation documentation.

We can work with you, trusted contractors and Tenant’s Surveyor to arrive at an agreed financial settlement in exchange for their not carrying out some or all of the works required under the Lease.

We can supervise the contractor’s works to monitor timescale, cost and workmanship standards.

Investigating Property Defects and Failures – we are specialist in building pathology and identifying causes of construction defects and can specify necessary remedial works. Where applicable we correct poor design detailing to avoid repeated premature failure.

Procurement of tenders/quotes – We can prepare necessary documentation and obtain tenders and quotations. We check tenders and quotes received and recommend acceptance of the best submission.

Works Supervision – we can supervise site works to ensure compliance with specification and workmanship quality. We deal with technical queries and liaise with Contractors and Tenants to ensure clear channels of communication and swift resolution of any issues. We keep our client contact fully informed at all stages of the process.

We offer a range of services to suit simple and more complex properties. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and initial advice is free.