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Commercial Property Owners

Business owners who decide to purchase premises in favour of renting them need to look after their investment by ensuring the property is properly maintained.  We understand the need for you to concentrate on your ‘day job’ and seek to deal with property issues on your behalf.  We offer the following services intended to assist you with property related matters and release you to concentrate on what you do best.

Our skilled professionals have expertise in building defects and maintenance and can identify the cause(s) of leaks, damage, cracking and other failures. Their training allows them to amend construction detailing where this will remedy the cause and prevent repeated premature failure.

We can assist you with forward planning of maintenance works to comply with statutory obligations and avoid problems due to lack of maintenance.

We produce detailed descriptions of works that explain the works on a step-by step basis. They are usually in the form of schedules with a column for individual costs to be inserted for different elements of the works.
Quotes are invited from skilled contractors for comparison and recommendation fro acceptance. This approach gives Clients confidence that tenders or quotes received represent good value for money.
We can oversee works to check they reach an acceptable standard. We raise performance issues directly with contractors and act as a buffer between Contractor and Client. Our ability to communicate on a technical level ensures understanding and avoids placing a strain on the contractor / building user relationship.
Where you are required under the Fire Scotland Act and other legislation to have a Fire Safety Risk Assessment we can prepare this for you. The report and its findings are important since it will be inspected by the Fire & Rescue Services when they visit your property. Preparing the survey and carry out recommended actions are instrumental in avoiding non-payment of fire insurance claims.
Where your business serves the public we can carry out a DDA access audit and suggest improvements for compliance with your duties under the Disability Discrimination Act. The Act requires that you make your business accessible to people with disabilities to avoid discrimination.

We would be happy to assist you with the services listed above or other related tasks We do not charge for initial advice.