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Condition Appraisal

We carry out surveys to assess and record the condition of commercial properties in connection with property leases where Landlords and Tenants agree to preparation of a Schedule of Condition. This schedule which records any existing defects or wear and tear may be used in negotiations prior to the Lease being signed and may be appended to the Lease agreement.

Buildings and their associated infrastructure are made of materials and components that require ongoing maintenance to prevent premature failure. Most materials and components will have a ‘notional’ lifespan which is taken into account when carrying out building surveys and predicting when they will require replacement.

Careful planning and programming of building and systems maintenance can avoid materials and components failing before the end of their notional lifespan and results in them remaining serviceable for many years after they would otherwise have required replacement.

We can assist property owners and managers with their maintenance strategy by carrying out Maintenance Surveys. We assess the condition of their building(s) and provide advice about how best to target scarce maintenance funding. Building components often reach a tipping point where continued lack of maintenance can result in expensive replacement. We advise our clients that ignoring maintenance is not an option. Our surveys provide a forecast of when major building elements are likely to fail and this allows our Clients to plan ahead for capital projects in the coming years.