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Defects Analysis

At some point all building materials and components will wear out and require replacement.  Maintenance Surveys (see Condition Appraisal from the Services Offered drop down menu above) help our clients manage this process to avoid unwelcome surprises.

In some cases problems will occur in the early stages of the building’s life resulting from poor design detailing or faulty workmanship.  These defects can show themselves in a number of ways including water entering the property and unsightly staining of the external surfaces of the structure.

In older buildings where repairs are carried out, these can sometimes be ill judged and not take account of ‘how the building works’.  Repairs intended to solve one problem may have a knock-on effect that creates further problems.  In some cases this creates an unwelcome cycle of bringing in one contractor after another to carry out repairs.

We have the expertise to analyse defects and identify the often multiple causes that previous repairs have failed to remedy.  Our reports explain our findings and give recommendations how the issues can be repaired effectively.  In some cases this will involve minor changes to how the building is designed.  Where requested to do so we can produce detailed specifications, obtain competitive quotes and supervise the works.