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Dampness and Condensation Surveys

Poor heating, missing or inadequate insulation, poor ventilation and mould growth within properties can result in reduced quality of life and can affect respiratory health of the people living in them. Landlords are required by regulation to ensure the properties they rent meet a minimum standard.

During our damp and condensation surveys we collect a combination of verbal and technical information relating to the problems reported and their potential causes. We work through a short questionnaire with the building user to get a feeling for how the property is being used. While doing this we let them know the main Do’s and Don’ts for condensation related dampness.

We use specialist equipment (damp meter and thermal imaging camera) to survey the property. We look for maintenance defects, in addition to checking operation / adequacy of extractor fans and central heating.

Our balanced and impartial reports provide the means to resolve the reported issues, improving conditions for the Tenant and diffusing what may often be highly sensitive situations.  Where our survey identifies serious dampness problems unrelated to Tenant lifestyle we can specify necessary remedial works and work with contractors to bring the property back to the required standard.