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Obtaining Tenders and Quotations

Some building owners and property managers will ask several Contractors to investigate a major building defect and provide a cost to repair it.  Similarly they may ask a number of contractors to price a re-roofing or window replacement project.  In both cases they may decide not to involve a Building Surveyor or similar specialist consultant to manage the process.

The result will often be that the contractors price for their own interpretation of what is required and the Client ends up comparing ‘apples with pears’.

We assist our Client’s by providing sound and reliable technical specifications which will be priced by competent contractors under a strictly managed process.  At the end of this process the costs received will be for identical works and the lowest tender or quote will represent the best value for money.

We have established relationships with contractors and where this is not the case we issue quality questionnaires to their former Clients to get feedback on their performance.