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Pre-purchase Home Condition Surveys

Buying a house or flat can be a gamble and the Home Report Survey is limited in its scope. Generally Chartered Surveyors who prepare home reports are not Chartered Building Surveyors and they only have a short time to assess the property and prepare their report.

For home buyers who wish to avoid surprises, or who want to negotiate the asking price downwards (for fixed price sales), we carry out an elemental condition survey. The survey report style informs the prospective purchaser of visible issues with the property, giving comment about the seriousness of the issues and what remedial works might be appropriate.

On receipt of our report the prospective purchaser can take a view on whether to make an offer at all, and if so what is an appropriate price to offer (reflecting our report findings). If they are successful, the new homeowner can prioritise repairs and maintenance works to address the most urgent issues first.

If our report puts them off buying the property, the cost of the survey is usually a small price to pay to avoid serious and costly issues that they would have faced if completing the purchase.