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Property Factors

We understand that you may have a diverse range of properties of different ages and types and in varying condition.    Owner status and expectations may differ between developments and some properties may be more challenging than others to maintain.  We view all factored developments in the same way – the owners are paying an appropriate sum for the level of service provided and you are contracted to deliver on that commitment.  We aim to help you provide an excellent service and consistently high standards.

These may include cracking, loose render, leaks, unsightly staining, dampness, timber decay and insect infestation. We can investigate causes and identify solutions to make good and deal with any underlying detailing issues.
We use our construction knowledge and maintenance expertise to produce clear detailed specifications for works required to remedy the defects noted during our inspection. Where practicable we correct poor design detailing to avoid problems being repeated.
We prepare required documents and invite competitive tenders or quotes from competent contractors. We provide our recommendation for which tender or quote the Client should accept.
We can monitor repair works to ensure compliance with specification and workmanship quality. We establish channels of communication with contractors and owners and deal with any technical queries We keep our Clients fully informed as the works progress.

We would be happy to discuss your specific needs for different properties and agree the best way for us to be of assistance to you in their management.