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Social Landlords

A combination of extensive construction, maintenance and facilities management knowledge with experience working directly for Social Landlords and Care organisations gives our staff an excellent understanding of the challenges that you face relating to property maintenance.  We can assist you with a range of services including the following:

We can identify causes of dampness issues and provide recommendations for the works required to address damp problems.  We can inform tenants about lifestyle issues that contribute to condensation problems and advise them of small changes that can make a difference.  We are independent and will provide a professional, unbiased assessment of what is wrong and what is needed to put things right.  Even where organisations have in-house technical staff our independence and expert knowledge is valued.

We can carry out inspections when properties become empty and list works required before the next tenant moves in.  We work with you to assess you repair standards and establish any exclusions or limitations that you have  Where required we can post-inspect the property to check the completed works before the new tenant moves in.

We can carry out lifecycle condition surveys of your built asset and provide reports for use in future planned capital projects.  Our reports which include budget costs establish priorities for different repairs and renewals and we can work with you to identify how best to target available funding.

Whether these are due to premature failure, insufficient or incorrect maintenance or simple wear & tear, we can identify the cause(s) of the problem and provide a scope of works to fix it.  Where applicable we will correct poor design detailing to avoid repeated premature failure.  Typical problems  may include cracking, loose render, leaks, unsightly staining, dampness and wood rot.  Often we are asked to investigate defects and failures when our client’s  contractors have failed to solve the problem(s).

Clear specifications ensure contractors are all pricing the same work.  Letting the contractors propose different repair solutions gives you no way of knowing whether each cost represents value for money.   Obtaining prices for identical works ensures competition and value for money.

We can supervise site works to ensure compliance with specification and workmanship quality.  We deal with technical queries and liaise with contractors and tenants to ensure clear channels of communication and swift resolution of any issues.  We keep our client contact fully informed at all stages of the process.

We offer a range of services to suit simple and more complex properties.  We would be happy to discuss your requirements and initial advice is free.